Our Mission

To bring back our lost songs, To share the music and stories of being in the Portland music scene in the 90s before social media to relive the old days and to even help those who have just started.

To artists and videographers and YouTubers we are offering our music free to use for your video projects. Please see our contact page for detail. 

We will be performing open mics soon so follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Also, check out our songs on our home page. We will also be starting the blog once this site is done so please stay bookmark this site.

MVP Skull beneath the smile

In The Beginning

Just a few guys jamming in the basement. Having been from a former band I had some songs already written they were still pretty rough. We started auditioning drummers. It sure would have been nice to have had craigslist back then. We would hang up flyers at music stores and venues. 

We had some very interesting people try out. 

Just Killin Time the first MVP

Later to MVP merged with a Drummer, Singer and Second Guitarist during the Killin Time days. Many songs were written during that time frame of power metal and we were gaining some local trackon. A friend with Double T productions which was a food in the door with a one of the top concert promoters at the time  had gave us a gig opening for a touring band and the day of the show the singer was thrown in jail for a bar fight. Some changes had to be made but that was a bridge burned down in flames. Always have a back up plan.

First Performance on stage at satyricon

Midnight Voodoo Party Formed

Troy then joined the band. The Midnight Voodoo Party years began. They played too many gigs to remember playing Melody Ball Room, Eli’s Hard Rock Cafe, The Pine Street Theather and just about every live venue that Portland had at that time. Including the Mayors Ball Buster in front of over 1500 people where cheers turned into a roar. 

MVP at the Melody Ballroom

Time for a studio demo.

The second guitarist left and the drummer was replaced and they produced the 1993 Demo titled “Smile” They spend a whopping $500 to record 6 songs on 8 tracks. These songs can be listened to on the homepage. 

MVP the band

The Anger Management Years.

The singer left the band, and the bassist and guitarist step up to the plate. The music became harder-edged. The songs became a way to vent the anger of situations in the world. Sarcastic views of society, America’s love of violence, movies, the news and growing up in Portland’s felony flats.

They produced another demo again for $500 for 6 more songs for the Anger Management Demo. Big spenders here right.  But they were after the raw live sound.

Anger Management Band

The Past, Present and the Future, The Party Must Go On.

The Midnight Voodoo Party disbanded some members went on to join other bands and some went on to breed and raise families. The music died and the years spent learning to play instruments and years of gigging and promoting to try to live the rock star life was all gone. Just a couple of demo tapes and fading memories.

Then 2 of the original members got together for lunch and one said “Hey we just get together and jam out sometime” and that turned into an acoustic recording project of re-recording 2 of the original demo songs 1 recording of a forgotten song and one new song. They will be taking these songs to the stage casually performing open mics which will be announced on their Facebook page so be sure to follow them.

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